"Picaderos" -means riding school-, is the spanish word for those places, public or private, where couples seek privacy to consummate romantic encounters and unleash pleasure.

It is a fact that many young people in Spain fly the nest relatively late, and more true that with the current economic crisis gripping the country many young people who became independent are returning home. That is why these popular places have been and continue to be recurring for those without a proper place to enjoy the pleasure of intimacy and sex.

Although the word can refer to a "love nest", we're talking this time about places outside, dark spots on the outskirts, mostly reached by car, far from the curious, where you can see and not be seen, lookouts, empty parking lots, dirt roads, abandoned fields and bushes...

Through material additions, from condom wraps and used tissues to improvised shelters and blankets, this thrash left behind subtly transforms and colonize these places of freedom, beyond but close enough to the city limits.

The display of scattered love leftovers, often vivid colors, resembles little treasures that glitter in the surroundings depicting the habitat of nighttime pleasure seekers.